George Sleeman, EA, ELP – Proprietor

With dual Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Accounting, over 35 years of individual and business tax and accounting experience, and a Dave Ramsey ELP endorsement, George pours his heart and soul into an unwavering commitment to providing his clients with accurate, affordable, and accountable business and sales tax law compliance services.

After, George was approached by one of his clients, who requested his assistance in filing an out-of-state sales tax return. George agreed to give it a shot and then taught himself how to file the out-of-state sales tax return. In doing so, George discovered a need for sales tax and business report filing services that had yet been satisfied because most accountants at that time would only file returns for the state in which they conducted business. From that point on, TMTY, LLC has pivoted and evolved their business model to meet the needs of business owners, in accordance with the diverse requirements of the ever-changing Secretaries of State and Departments of Revenue rules and regulations, across the USA.

George is a straightforward man who values honesty and integrity and it shows in his interactions with his staff and clients as he aims to bridge the gap between sales tax law compliance and business law compliance in the niche work of USA and international e-Commerce.

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Jennifer Kendig,  Sales Tax Return Specialist for Your Sales Tax Professionals at TMTY, LLC

Jennifer is originally from Ohio. Since joining Tax Man to You in May 2019, her passion and enthusiasm for sales tax matters has made her a valuable member of the team.

Jennifer has an Associate Degree in Fine Arts and Early Childhood Education.

Jennifer and her husband, James, have three adult children, Veronica, AJ and Katie.

Jennifer enjoys volunteering with the American Legion as their Vice President of Auxiliary.

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Laura Cunningham – Registrations and Accounts Manager for Your Sales Tax Professionals at TMTY, LLC

With a penchant for meticulous records-keeping, and a background in customer service, administration, and auditing roles, Laura finds her career bliss in the niche work of TMTY’s e-Commerce, business, and sales tax law compliance services.

Laura strives for absolute client satisfaction through the implementation of innovative systems aimed at providing business owners with their desired degree of removal from the tedium of sales tax law compliance requirements.

Laura, her life-partner, and their four daughters spend weekends in search of quality family-time by playing board/video games, attending musical performances, and seeking out Colorado-local attractions.

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Chris Kelly – Administrative Assistant for Your Sales Tax Professionals at TMTY, LLC

After 8 years in the Army Military Police, Chris genuinely enjoys utilizing his specialty investigative skills, innate pattern recognition, and ability to bring about order in the midst of chaos to research the complexities of sales tax law compliance requirements and identify solutions to the varieties of state-specific conundrums that often come about. 

Chris and his service dog, Stitch, provide support for the TMTY Team through organization, scheduling, and communication endeavors as they run the daily operations of the office and keep spirits high with humor and camaraderie.

Chris and his Wife are avid historians and run a small local tour company to spread their passion for history to others.

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Stephanie Whittemore – Business Reports Specialist for Your Sales Tax Professionals at TMTY, LLC

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